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Distribution And Route Services

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We have various levels of service available depending upon the urgency of delivery. When you call in, just choose one of the following service options. If you need a type of service that is not listed, let us know and we will work together to accommodate your needs.


  • First available Car/Van will service customer immediately, making no other stops until delivery is completed.
  • 2 HOUR

  • Two hour pickup and delivery from the time of call-in.
  • 4 HOUR

  • Four hour pickup and delivery from the time of call-in.
  • 8 HOUR

  • Eight hour pickup and delivery from the time of call-in

    DRC Expediting Inc provides dedicated logistic solutions for long term and short term engagements. Lease a driver or a driver and a vehicle by the hour! Supplement or replace your own delivery departments. We can provide drivers with vehicles by the hour or by the job. Contact us to compare the costs of our dedicated operations to your own delivery staff and vehicles. Or compare us to your current courier or leased operations. You will be amazed at how much we can save you.


  • Pickup: 24 hours a day,
  • Delivery: from your location to almost any location

  • Express: 1 hour delivery time
  • Rush: 1 1/2 hour delivery time

    DRC Expediting specializes in the distribution of products. Whether you utilize our warehouse, deliver to us, or have us pick up, your product can arrive at your customer within hours. Our specialty is late night or early morning pickup of your products for distribution. You can process your product until late in the evening and still have it picked up and delivered by noon the next day. We will sort your product as needed and package if necessary. If you have the need to have something delivered the next day by noon at the most reasonable pricing available, this service is for you.

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